The intersection of technology, data, and talent.

Welcome to the Blackpearl Group, one of the fastest-growing SaaS companies on the NZX.

Timing is everything

Our vision of better growth, together is fulfilled through our proprietary platform, the Pearl Engine, that delivers immediate capability to products we build or acquire at near zero marginal cost.

Market slowdowns and plummeting valuations of private businesses due to global recessionary pressures have created unprecedented opportunities in the market.

We believe our timing as a technology acquisition company couldn’t be better. As Warren Buffett would say, ‘be fearful when others are greedy, and greedy when others are fearful’.



Our platform

The Pearl Engine is an array of in-house technology, algorithms, systems and code all built, or refined by data. The Pearl Engine, is the cornerstone of organic growth for both built and acquired technologies.

Market strategy

Through leveraging components from the Pearl Engine, companies within the Group can access new markets, increase their value proposition, and improve their cost-to-revenue ratio faster and at near zero marginal cost.

Technology acquisitions

Economic conditions have made this the ideal time to purchase technology companies. We believe there is exponential growth waiting to be unlocked through the application of our technology, data, and talent.

Listing profile

Our listing profile document has been prepared in accordance with the NZX Listing Rules, to support the initial quotation of ordinary shares in Black Pearl Group Limited on the NZX Main Board. Click here to read.

Follow our journey…

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