Unlocking latent potential.

The Pearl Engine. 

Blackpearl’s origins can be traced back to 2012. Technology entrepreneur Nick Lissette (Founder) felt it was becoming increasingly expensive for businesses to acquire new customers in the digital world, often held to ransom by the big pay-to-play digital platforms. 

Joined by technology luminary Tim Crown, founder and chairman of the NASDAQ-listed Fortune 500 company Insight Enterprises, Blackpearl commenced the development of its private platform the Pearl Engine, to solve this problem and challenge the status quo.

Since then the Blackpearl Group have assembled world-class talent that has placed us in an advantageous position to accelerate growth exponentially.

Investors and board members include Tim Crown (Chairman of Insight Enterprises), Larry Van Tuyl (ex-Chairman of Berkshire Hathaway Automotive), Sir Owen Glenn, and some of New Zealand’s largest investment institutions.

At a technology level, the Pearl Engine build has been assisted by some of the world’s leading technology minds, such as Mike Guggemos (ex-CIO of Motorola), Cherryl Pressley (ex-Director at Google), and Aileen Allkins (ex-Director Microsoft).

It is the combination of these world-leading talents that have enabled us to build an array of technology, algorithms, systems, and code, all refined by data, unlocking next level organic growth for any company or application connected to it. 

Time and money are the scarcest resource of any business. Companies in BPG can access select elements or entire components of the Pearl Engine at near zero margin cost. In some instances, this can save millions of dollars and years of time in R&D. 

Access to Pearl Engine’s proven technology drives immediate impact. Access to new markets, increasing value propositions and associated ARPU and reducing churn – all business centric outcomes which help drive organic revenue.

Just as the Pearl Engine unlocks the latent potential in the technologies that sit upon it, the technologies in Blackpearl Group unlock unrealised value in businesses digital communication and customer management tools.



79% smb's are using digital tools to communicate with suppliers and customers.


84% of small enterprises are using at least one digital platform to share their products


91% of the time, consumers will choose small businesses when convenient


Close to 85% of small enterprises have already invested in SaaS options in 2021

Can the Pearl Engine help grow your product?