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Blackpearl Group’s vision of better growth, together is fulfilled through our proprietary platform, the Pearl Engine, that delivers immediate capability to products we build or acquire at near zero marginal cost.

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Pearl Engine

The Pearl Engine

The Pearl Engine platform itself is a unique array of technology, algorithms, systems and code all built and refined by data. Through APIs, companies & applications within the Blackpearl Group can access feature sets, code or data pools. 

Time and money are the scarcest resource of any business. Companies within the Blackpearl Group can access select elements or entire components of the Pearl Engine at near zero marginal cost. In some instances, this can save millions of dollars and years of time in R&D.

Access to the Pearl Engine’s proven technology drives immediate impact. Access to new markets, increasing value propositions, price points, and reducing churn – all business centric outcomes that help drive organic revenue.

A self-perpetuating cycle of enhancement driven by data.

The data cycle at the heart of the Pearl Engine is a reciprocal mechanism which results in the capture, cleansing, transformation and analysis of data.

Data capture

The data capture stage is focused on collecting useful data points from user interactions, enabling the Pearl Engine to capture over 40 variables from a single interaction. Each data cycle feeds the applications and companies in the Blackpearl Group, enriching the feature set and benefits for customers. 

Data transformation

The raw data collected by Blackpearl Group is then transformed into structures and formats that allow analysis, interpretation and additional machine learning.

Data cleanse

The meta data captured is then cleansed by our unique data processing algorithms, allowing us to combat bot clicks and generate reliable and verifiable predictive outcomes from real human interactions.

Data analysis

Each cycle increases the breadth
and depth of data, which is the foundation for providing valuable insights to customers. The data also creates valuable insights for the Blackpearl Group, enabling us to build additional features; and so, the cycle continues.

Better growth, together.

By empowering companies with our technology, data, and talent.

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We believe there is exponential growth waiting to be unlocked through the application of our technology, data, and talent.

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