Blackpearl Group

Founded in 2012, Blackpearl Group is a technology company that builds, acquires and markets data driven cloud-based services, consisting of a suite of productivity and digital marketing applications for small-to-medium sized businesses (SMBs).
Pearl Engine

Blackpearl Diver

Blackpearl Diver enables businesses to enhance customer engagement and conversion rates by transforming anonymous website visits into leads. Furthermore, it identifies key sales opportunities using multiple data measurements and collection points that assess levels of engagement.

This innovative data service gives businesses unprecedented insights into their website and digital interactions.

The identity resolution graph employed by Blackpearl Diver can match over 40 demographic and firmographic data points to a website visitor, resulting in a high degree of individual contact information (B2C) and company detail (B2B). This is further enriched with contextual data, including the frequency of site visits and daily email interactions, to provide real-time notifications and back-in-market alerts, helping companies maximise new customer interactions and repeat business.

World leading identity network

Having identified a niche in the market, the leadership team leveraged its extensive network of partners to secure access to a world-class identity network. The Pearl Engine not only identifies anonymous website traffic but also overlays that with email interactions to define levels of engagement, providing real-world insight for businesses to act on. This, in turn, enables the conversion of more leads.

Over 50 orders in first month

“The success of Blackpearl Divers’ first month of sales is compelling considering, even at the tier one pricing, a sale is 10x the average sale for NewOldStamp and 2x that of Black Pearl Mail, our existing SaaS services. The compounding nature of this higher monthly recurring revenue significantly impacts the Group’s annual recurring revenue” said Blackpearl Group CFO Karen Cargill.

Overlaying a decade of email experience

By leveraging over a decade of email experience we have created a market of one for Pearl Diver. Creating actionable intelligence for every Small And Midsize Business (SMB) in the United States. 

Black Pearl Mail

Black Pearl Mail is Blackpearl Group’s self-built SaaS solution available through

Black Pearl Mail enables SMBs to centrally manage their email branding and transform their daily business email into a marketing tool.

Through the Black Pearl Mail applications, businesses can apply enhanced branding, incorporate trackable elements into emails and use the vacant ‘real-estate’ under the email signature for banner messaging.

The Black Pearl Mail applications enable businesses to transform daily email into a demand generation tool that drives revenue through cross-selling, upselling, promotion and referrals. This is underpinned by analytics, including reporting and real-time notifications on how and when recipients are engaging with their email.

Demand Generation

Black Pearl Mail has been strategically positioned in the market as a demand generation tool. With advertising costs through the roof and increased compliance risks, companies are looking for different ways to reach their target audiences.

Email signature management

We’ve transformed the traditional email signature space into a marketing engine that promotes your business and provides useful insights on email activity. Create and manage smarter email signatures on Office 365 and Google Workspace.

Insights and analytics

Actionable intelligence at your fingertips. Don’t send and hope, send and know! The ultimate email analytics tool that tells you if your emails were opened, clicked, or ignored. Real-time metrics that ensure your next move is the right move.

Awarded “Best Ease of Use” by Capterra

Capterra Best ease of use award 2022


NewOldStamp is an in-market SaaS platform that enables businesses to centrally manage their email signatures. 

NewOldStamp has created over 5,000,000 business email signatures for small teams and enterprises, providing a quick and simple signature setup for all company employees that doesn’t require involving tech or design teams. NewOldStamp provides seamless integration with G Suite, Exchange, Microsoft 365, all other major email clients, and smart devices including smartphones.

NewOldStamp’s website,, receives over 1 million organic site visits annually. The acquisition of the NewOldStamp business, together with its broadened lead utilisation from the number of organic site visits, provides opportunities for Blackpearl Group to cross-sell, up-sell and increase conversion opportunities across its Black Pearl Mail and NewOldStamp applications.


Newoldstamp has been developed with seamless integration front of mind. Through the use of add-ins rather than email routing, Newoldstamp can cover the entire market at a price point more suited to those that don’t require advanced analytics.

Email signature management

Create email signatures for everyone in your company based on a master signature template within minutes. You can set up synchronization with Google Workspace, Active Directory, or upload a file with contact details and we will do the magic.

Track banner impressions

Make data-driven decisions by tracking banner impressions of your email signature marketing campaigns, measure link and call-to-action clicks in real-time. Compare the effectiveness of the campaigns launched in the different segments.

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