Empowering companies with the technology, data, and talent. 

Through a product-led growth strategy. 

At our heart we are a technology company that builds, buys, and markets data driven products, accelerating their growth via access to our private platform, the Pearl Engine.  

Why our positioning in the market is so important:

We believe there is exponential growth waiting to be unlocked through the application of our technology, data, and talent.

Just as the Pearl Engine unlocks the latent potential in the technologies that sit upon it, the technologies in Blackpearl Group unlock unrealised value in businesses digital communication and customer management tools.

Increasingly businesses are struggling with the affordability of acquiring new customers and managing existing customers – often held to ransom by the escalating costs of pay-to-play digital media.

The first wave of technologies in Blackpearl Group improves the effectiveness of how companies communicate via email – and therefore, directly or indirectly increasing their ability to win deals, grow revenue, provide better customer service and communicate important information.

The beauty of email as an initial area of focus is the immensity of the market. Worldwide email users are trending towards 4.5 billion by the end of 2025. Over half of the world’s population uses email.

Our market segment is not defined by industry, but by size. Time and money are the scarcest of resources, none more so than for SME businesses. Blackpearl Group products have been engineered to ensure that every business with email can afford, access and benefit from the technology.


The Blackpearl Group’s private platform the Pearl Engine, is the cornerstone of organic growth for both built and acquired technologies.

Through leveraging elements or entire components from the Pearl Engine, companies within the Group can access new markets, increase their value proposition, and improve their cost-to-revenue ratio faster and at near zero marginal cost.

Each technology that is added to the Pearl Engine contributes new assets. This enriches the technology array and data pool of the Pearl Engine and assists with the creation of new features and products.

Current economic conditions have made this the ideal time to purchase technology companies. Private tech valuations are at historic lows, and this is exacerbated by a lack of investment capital which has made growth even more difficult.

Whilst this has created unprecedented buying opportunities, at our heart we are a company created by entrepreneurs and an enabler for other entrepreneurs to have their platforms reach their potential. Blackpearl Group offers other technology businesses a path to exit. However, our true value is supporting them in realising their company’s growth goals.


4.5 billion email users by the end of 2025*


333.2 Billion emails are expected to be sent and received each day in 2022 *


For every $1 you spend on email marketing, you can expect an average return of $42*


9 out of 10 SMBs use email to distribute content and news *

Realise your potential with the Blackpearl Group