Introducing Blackpearl Diver – See who’s behind the clicks series

Blackpearl Diver – Mini-series – part 1

Welcome to our 3-part mini-series on our new product Blackpearl Diver, recently announced to the public market via the NZX on the 23rd of March – Click here to read the official announcement.

This innovative new data service gives businesses unprecedented insights into their digital interactions. Over the next three weeks, we will dive into what it is, how it works, how we measure success and the financial impact on the Group’s growth targets.

See who’s behind the clicks

Blackpearl Diver enables businesses to see the names, email addresses, company details, and primary contact information of people visiting their websites, transforming anonymous visits into leads. Find out more at

Turn site visits into prospects

The identity resolution graph employed by Blackpearl Diver can match over 40 demographic and firmographic data points to a website visitor, resulting in a high degree of individual contact information and company detail. This is further enriched with contextual data, including the frequency of site visits and daily email interactions, to provide real-time notifications and back-in-market alerts, helping companies maximize new customer interactions and repeat business.

The Pearl Engine

A foundational part of Blackpearl Group’s strategy, defined in the Listing Document, has been to strengthen our proprietary platform, the Pearl Engine, through data partnerships enabling faster evolution and improved capability of the Applications the Pearl Engine services.

Blackpearl Diver is currently exclusively available in the US market on a monthly subscription model ranging from $198 USD – $1,367 USD per month. Blackpearl Group is confident that adding Pearl Diver to its core product offerings will prove to be a powerful revenue growth accelerator.

“We are thrilled to launch Blackpearl Diver, a game-changer for Blackpearl Group and its Customers. There has never been a more challenging time for businesses to acquire new customers. Pearl Diver quite literally turns site visits into prospects, reducing a business’s dependency on pay-to-play digital advertising while providing a new path to revenue.” – Nick Lissette, CEO.