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Blackpearl Group (NZX:BPG) is pleased to introduce Blackpearl Diver, a new SaaS product that provides businesses unique visibility into their website visitors. Blackpearl Diver complements our Blackpearl Mail product which provides businesses with visibility into email interactions. Blackpearl Diver is now being offered to customers in the USA and the USA market will be the sole focus for this product.

As detailed in our Listing Document, Blackpearl Group’s strategy is to leverage its platform, the Pearl Engine, through data partnerships, enabling the creation of new products. Blackpearl Diver is facilitated by data partnerships with the US based technology companies Trovo, Five by Five Data Co-op and The Prospect Desk which supply data streams to the Pearl Engine. Blackpearl Group’s Chairman, Mr. Tim Crown is a shareholder in each of these three technology companies through his private investment company, AZ Crown.

Blackpearl Diver enables businesses to transform anonymous website visits into identifiable prospects. Blackpearl Diver also classifies these prospects based on their website and email engagements. This enables our customers to focus resources on the most promising prospects.

Blackpearl Diver uses an identity resolution graph that is capable of matching website visitors with over 40 demographic and firmographic data points. This produces an unparalleled level of individual contact information and company detail on what were previously anonymous website visitors. This information can include name, email address, phone number, job title, seniority, and LinkedIn profile as well as company details like revenue, size, and business contact data.

This information is enriched with contextual data including the number of site visits and daily email interactions to provide real-time notifications and back-in-market alerts to help businesses stay on top of their customer interactions and maximise repeat business.

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