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Blackpearl Diver – Mini-series – part 2

Welcome to part two of our mini-series on Pearl Diver; this week, we take a look at the numbers behind our successful product launch and what it means for the growth of Blackpearl Group.

See who’s behind the clicks

Throughout March, Blackpearl Diver (Pearl Diver) was released to the US market in a staged approach, during which the Blackpearl Group secured over 50 orders from both existing and new customers.

“The success of Pearl Divers’ first month of sales is compelling considering, even at the Tier one pricing, a sale is 10x the average sale for NewOldStamp and 2x that of Blackpearl Mail services. The compounding nature of this higher monthly recurring revenue significantly impacts the Groups ARR.” said Blackpearl Group CFO Karen Cargill.

As with all Blackpearl Group’s existing SaaS products, Pearl Diver is charged on a monthly recurring basis. This means revenue compounds each month.

“It’s an exciting start, but in line with what we expected from such an innovative product.” says Nick Lissette, CEO. “The Pearl Diver proposition is exceptionally compelling; the most common customer feedback we get is that Pearl Diver is a “No Brainer”, which indicates our packaging and pricing is on point.”

Key to the successful uptake of Pearl Diver has been leveraging the large volume of organic traffic visiting – which Blackpearl Group acquired in November 2022. “Our strategy is to add new data streams into our proprietary platform, the Pearl Engine, to create innovative services which we can sell to both existing customers and new prospects. Pearl Diver is a great example of Blackpearl Group executing on this strategy.” says CTO Sam Daish.

April will see the release of additional product features, direct marketing initiatives, and increased sales targets.


More to come…

Keep an eye out for part three and your invite to attend our first Pearl Diver webinar. This will allow you to learn more about the product, its potential for growth and get a sneak peek at what’s to come.

Thank you for your continued support, and we look forward to keeping you updated on the growth and success of our new product, Pearl Diver.

Best regards,
Nick Lissette CEO, Blackpearl Group

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